Create a CI CD pipeline for NET with the DevOps Starter Project

You can use Azure DevOps pipelines by first creating a new pipeline through the Azure DevOps portal, then defining your pipeline in a YAML file or using the classic editor. You’ll need to connect your code repository, select a template (or define your steps manually), and then run the pipeline to build and deploy your […]

Core C++ A Software Engineering Approach Book

Content Core C++ A Software Engineering Approach Should I learn Java or C++ first? What is the best book to learn C++ for beginners? Features Product information C++ Software Development The ideal book for serious development in Modern C++. Now that you are well versed with the wide range of C++ applications, go ahead and […]

What is a Learning Curve in machine learning?

Contents Week 0: JavaScript Basics JavaScript Tutorial The Building Blocks Of JavaScript Apps Server Side Learning curve models and examples Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. A compiled language is fed through a compiler which converts the entire code into something that the computer can understand. […]